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Information packs

Towards the end of the project, we will produce six resource packs aimed at primary schools and designed to help teachers teach prehistory in their region. They will be available free as pdfs via the Cadw, English Heritage, Historic Scotland and Prehistoric Society educational website sections, as well as on this webpage. Each information pack will focus on a particularly notable burial tradition within one of our six case study regions and the objects caught up within it. We will explain how this kind of burial fits within the nationwide picture, and investigate the ‘lives’ of some especially interesting objects. We will also suggest some good sites to visit. In order to ‘bring the past to life’ for primary age children, we will commission new reconstruction drawings of three notable burials. The packs will also include the results of our ‘Inspired by the Past’ poetry commission from internationally-renowned children’s poet Michael Rosen.

British Musuem

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Prehistoric Society educational resource hub

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