Duncan Garrow

Duncan Garrow’s research interests include the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition; long-term histories of deposition; burial practices; the integration of commercial sector and university-based archaeology; archaeological theory; and interdisciplinary approaches to material culture. He teaches later European prehistory (with a particular focus on Britain) and archaeological theory at the University of Reading. Duncan previously worked at the Cambridge Archaeological Unit (1996-2002), which he left to undertake his PhD on Neolithic and Early Bronze Age pits in East Anglia. He recently co-directed (with Fraser Sturt) a number of excavations in the Channel Islands, the Outer Hebrides and the Isles of Scilly as part of the Neolithic Stepping Stones project, to be published by Oxbow Books. Duncan is currently working on a book exploring ‘ritual’ deposition in British prehistory, from the Palaeolithic through to the Iron Age.

Melanie Giles


Neil Wilkin


Anwen Cooper


Catriona Gibson


Project advisory panel:

Emily Bateman (Sheffield/Snowdonia National Park)

Harry Fokkens (Leiden)

Chris Gosden (Oxford)

Chris Scarre (Durham)

Alison Sheridan (NMS)

Alex Smith (Reading)